Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz’s brother Umar slams Tehseen Poonawala for being a bully


While Bigg Boss is famous for conflicts and controversies, it seems like this year they are taking it too far. Every few days, we see some fight happening in the Bigg Boss 13 house. And we really don’t think they are worth it in the name of ‘entertainment’.

Recently, we saw Asim Riaz and Tehseen Poonawalla having an argument in which Tehseen made fun of Asim’s profession and said he could hire 100s like him. He looked down upon Asim for being a model for innerwear brands. This was really uncalled for and Tehseen has been at the receiving end on social media for his comments. In fact, fans took to twitter and made #JusticeForAsim trend, warning the channel not to ignore the spate of insults hurled at Asim Riaz.

Even Asim’s brother Umar wrote on Instagram about Asim being mocked and ill-treated in the house. “The way tehseen poonawala mocked asim was way out of the league. Bullying him from where he comes from, career, walk was totally unacceptable. Being a social media activist and a public speaker, i respected him and expected more.” Umar, who is a doctor by profession works in a reputed Mumbai hospital as a surgeon.

He also went on to appreciate Asim for not reacting and keeping his cool. Check out his insta story below:

It seems that Asim is the new soft target of the contestants. Recently, during the Transport Truck task, he was made to go through a lot. Shehnaaz Gill flung four-five boxes at him but he luckily escaped unhurt. This was not all. In a video doing the rounds, Mahira Sharma seems to be pulling his shorts to distract him during the task.

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