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10 Weird Tongue Tricks

The tongue is an organ most commonly used for talking, tasting, chewing, swallowing, and engaging in lascivious activities. But others have imagined so much more potential in this sensitive extremity. It’s a remarkable instrument

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10 Epidemics Of Mass Hysteria

Mass hysteria is a psychological phenomenon which has been documented since the Middle Ages. Political turmoil, environmental stress, fear of the unknown, and the need for social acceptance from our peers can often cause

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10 Terrifying Trees

Trees are everywhere. Though we all know they are alive, we don’t generally think of trees that way; they’re more or less just part of the scenery. Nevertheless, many of us have been scared

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10 People Who Have Lived In A Tree

For many adults, the adventure and excitement of playing in the treetops is a romantic notion of childhood. People remember climbing trees and building secret tree forts high up in the branches during their

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