Dilli Darlings 11 September 2019 Written Update: Rashmi and Seema patch-up with each other


In the last episode of Dilli Darlings, Manya goes to Pooja’s house and blames Pragati. Pooja cries because Pragati and Manya are both blaming each other. Bhavna decides to help give Deepshikha a makeover who wants a new look for her birthday. Bhavna regrets this after seeing Deepshikha’s actual clothes. Rashmi and Reena visit Thalassemia patients and decide to organise a charity flea market for the kids.

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The episode begins with Pragati calling Rashmi and Seema to meet and discuss about Manya. She complains about how Manya went and apologises to Pooja by herself when they were all going to do so. When Seema enters they air out their problems with her too. Rashmi and Seema also patch up.

Pragati and Rashmi both apologise for being cold to Seema because Manya instigated them to. They also invite Pooja later to apologise. They tell Pooja that Manya was the one who pushed them to prank Pooja. However, Pooja says that all three of them were in on the plan but decides to let it go.

Pooja decides to have a photobooth at her stall of the charity flea market. However she calls up photo studios which don’t know what a photobooth is or are too expensive. Finally Pooja finds one who understands it is for chairty and offers her a good price too.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Manya and Seema

Deepshikha goes shoe shopping with Bhavna. Deepshikha keeps picking up blingy stuff but Bhavna keeps asking her to put them back. Deepshikha then goes to Seema’s housewarming party. Manya also walks in after her. Seema is upset with Manya because she didn’t wait for anyone before starting to eat the food and drink her alcohol.

She is also uspet because Manya promised to help but didn’t and showed up with a cheap jug as a housewarming gift. Pooja and Pragati also go for the housewarming party. However, Pooja hopes that Seema becomes as nice a person as her house is. What will happen when the other ladies visit? Stay tuned to find out.

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